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☑Game genre::

Turn-based mobile fantasy RPG with strategy elements (TBS RPG).

☑Who's gonna like it?

All fans of fantasy and RPG.

☑Difficulty level:

Somewhere between "very easy" and "how it possible !?!?"

☑Does it worth to play?

Of course! Griblers is a fascinating mobile adventure that will capture your mind up to a pain in your fingers.

★★★What is this game about?★★★

☑ Learn about Griblers' history.

No more boring orks and dragons. Griblers - that's something new!

☑ Recover a deserted Town.

Learn about its rise and fall along the way.

☑ Level up buildings and skills

Cause it's a real RPG after all, but going mobile.

☑ Create items by ancestors' recipes.

Who can even avoid crafting today?

☑ Guard Griblers from nasty enemies.

No more dragons - hard spiders and harder scorpions won't leave you bored!

★★★So, are you ready for an adventure?★★★

Spring comes in The Everwoods, and griblers Creepsy, Squashy and Rusty decide to go back to their ancient homeland.

★★★ Warning! ★★★

We do not guarantee work of the game on devices with 512 MB of RAM.

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Published 141 days ago
GenreRole Playing


griblers.85.apk (34 MB)

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